British Gypsum's Matt Pullen on product availability and Covid-19

A message from Matt Pullen, Managing Director British Gypsum, in relation to product availability

24th July – 15.00

We continue to operate at maximum capacity, to support the construction industry, provide protection for our customers’ and colleagues’ livelihoods, and play a vital part in the recovery of the UK economy.

Plaster Update

Our plaster manufacturing plants continue to operate consistently at maximum capability both now and for the foreseeable future. We have no planned shutdowns or refurbishments of our plaster manufacturing facilities scheduled, so that we can continue to maximise plaster output to the thousands of loyal Thistle plaster users.

We are acutely aware that many of our individual plasterers are still having difficulty obtaining plaster from their usual Distributor, Merchant or DIY stockists. Given this continuing very high demand, plaster will remain on allocation to ensure we supply all our usual stockists fairly. 

Plasterboard Update

As I advised previously, we will end the allocation process for plasterboard from Monday 3rd August 2020. The current allocation system will continue for deliveries up to and including Friday 31st July. We are now accepting orders for delivery dates up to and including a maximum of 4 weeks in advance, on a rolling basis.

We have been and remain truly appreciative of your understanding and cooperation during these challenging times and please know that we are all doing everything we can to support the construction industry and the vital role it is playing and will continue to play in helping the recovery of the UK’s economy.

Please continue to look after yourselves, your families and those that continue to need support in your communities – and above all, stay safe.

Kind Regards 

Matt Pullen
Managing Director, British Gypsum

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