The volatile market continues and we are reviewing prices, suppliers and materials on a daily basis. 

We will keep you updated when this starts to settle but following on from our previous notices this is unlikely to happen until the middle of 2022.

Short supplies have caused an allocation of some materials so please where you can plan ahead so that we can secure products for any specific time restricted projects.

You may already know about the unprecedented cost increases related to the majority of products manufactured overseas as a consequence of container shortages.

Container transport costs have increased by up to 800% (increases currently up to £14k). This has not yet reduced.

As a result of the above this will mean variable price increases across many of our lines that cannot be absorbed.

Until otherwise notified we will only be able to fix prices at the point of purchase and where products are not in stock they may change in price without warning or notice.

The above affects all our products and with immediate affect

Below we will try to keep giving out advice and approx anticipated price increases and will endeavour to keep the impact as low as possible

Rest assured that we do not just add price increases to our products without a thorough investigation.

We understand that to our customer every little bit counts and we always try our best to avoid increasing our prices.

There may be a delay on some product prices increasing, which may be after the date specified. This is because we try and keep our prices low for as long as we can and sometimes we may be able to sell old stock at the old prices. This keeps our prices as low as we can for as long as we can. 

We endeavour to keep this list as up to date as we can, however we do not guarantee if a manufacturer isnt shown that a product cant change in price. Also some products may change more than the percentage shown. The list is a for a guide only, please call if you need more advice. 

4th April 2022

Screws and Accessories

  • Dewalt +6%

1st February 2022

Metal Drylining and Suspended Ceilings

  • All drylining metals +15%
  • Ceiling Grids +25%
  • Aluminium Partitioning +15%

Screws and accessories

  • TI Midwood TIMCO +2.5%


  • Rockwool +15%
  • Knauf Upto+14.8%
  • Superglass +14.5%

31st January 2022


  • Ring +5%

10th January 2022

 Sealants, Adhesives and silicons

    • Bond-It Products Between 3% to +84%

4th January 2022

 Insulation and Drylining

  • Rockwool +7.5% to 9%
  • Jablite +9%
  • Isover +9.5%

Sealants, silicones, PVAs and cleaners

  • Bondit +5%
  • Bondit Brick Acids +12.5%
  • Silicone Sealants +12%

1st January 2022

Health, Safety & PPE

  • Beeswift +4 %to +7%

Sealants, silicones and PVAs

  • Everbuild +8% to 27.5%

Metal Drylining and Suspended Ceilings

  • Cipriani Suspended Ceiling Grid +22%
  • Ecophon Ceiling Grid +14%
  • Ecophon Tiles +8%
  • QIC Profiles +15%
  • Rockfon Grid +20%
  • Rockfon Tiles +6%
  • Siniat Plasterboards +12% to 23%
  • Knauf Plasterboards +9.5% to 10.5%
  • Knauf Windliner +15%
  • Knauf Bonding Compound +5.5%
  • Knauf Readymix +5%
  • BG Plasterboards +8.3%
  • BG Thermaline +4.9%
  • BG Plasters drywall adhesives +3.9%
  • Zentia/Armstrong Grid +20%
  • AMF Tiles +8%

Screws and accessories

  • Evolution Fixings +4.8%
  • Forgefix +9.5%

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